Saturday, October 14, 2006

JOURNAL: October 14, 2006

There was great richness of color everywhere today. As far as leaves go, the autumn season seems to be at its peak in this part of New England, and the colorful trees were flashing their brilliance all around. As I drove up the highway to have breakfast with Luke, the trees were dazzling in the morning light. Quite often, I caught a glimpse of an especially bright tree shaking its leaves in the sunshine, and now and then the wind blew a cluster of vivid leaves across the road. Luke and I drove over to a small cafe on the main road in Millbury, and as we drove we both remarked on the beautiful colors of the trees. The little town seemed to be positively glowing. Of course, the bright sunshine helped. It was a brilliantly sunny day, which made the streets seem lit up for a carnival. Later, back in Westerly, I walked down to the park and enjoyed the autumn colors again. The wind was swirling around, which made the exotic colors seem to burn more brightly. As the trees swayed, the leaves flashed and flickered in the afternoon light.

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