Thursday, September 07, 2006

JOURNAL: September 7, 2006

Yesterday was a fine day: the weather was absolutely first-rate, and what happened in my classrooms was as good as it gets for me.

I loved the feel of the air all day long. There was a coolness and lightness outside that spoke of school years starting and the parched and sultry days of summer ending. It was a feeling that everything is exactly as it should be: breezes were blowing the way they must, and the sunlight on patches of grass was shining flawlessly. I loved walking outside now and then, feeling the stirring September air. There were good things stirring inside my classrooms, too – all day and evening. My young middle school students were (at least from my point of view) completely well-behaved. They sat in my class as though this is what they had been waiting for all day. (Surely a fantasy on my part, but it was fun to pretend!) The words we spoke and the activities we did seemed (to me) to be just the right ones for the occasion. My evening class at the Subase also seemed exceptional. I wasn’t a first-class teacher, by any means, but still the minutes of the class passed in a graceful and satisfying manner. We covered lots of material, and the students appeared to adequately understand what I was attempting to teach.

I guess every day is extraordinary in its own particular way, and yesterday, for me, was no exception.

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