Monday, September 25, 2006

JOURNAL: September 25, 2006

Yesterday morning, while I was enjoying my work in the classroom preparing for the upcoming week, I began to wonder if I was feeling sort of what an airline mechanic might feel as he readies a plane for a long flight. I pictured the mechanic going through his checklist, making absolutely sure that everything was in proper order for a successful flight. He wouldn’t rush, I’m sure. No doubt he would take his time to carefully and painstakingly cover every item so the flight would be as smooth as possible. As I thought more about it (while I slowly went about my classroom preparations), it seemed to me that care and thoroughness would be even more essential because his plane would be carrying passengers. These people would be entrusted to his care, and his duty would be to make sure they get where they’re going in a safe manner. He would probably feel a heavy weight of responsibility as he prepares the airplane. As the hours passed yesterday morning, I felt more and more kinship with the airline mechanic. I, too, was preparing for a long journey – an expedition through a full week of classes in the company of 40 young students. I, too, had a grave responsibility to make sure the journey was orderly, smooth, safe, and rewarding, especially for the people in my care. As I went through my checklist in the classroom on the cloudy, cool morning, I felt good that I was doing my very important job in such a meticulous manner. The flight through the week would be lengthy and arduous, but I would definitely be ready.

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