Monday, September 18, 2006

JOURNAL: September 18, 2006

One dictionary defines profusion as “abundance; lavish or unrestrained expense”, a definition that would definitely apply to a walk in a meadow that my son, Jaimie, and grandson, Noah, took yesterday. First of all, there was a bountiful supply of seeds on every side of us, as far as we could see. The meadow was teeming with them – seeds with sticky burrs, seeds with silky wings, and seeds that were simply spilling out and falling to the ground. We stopped now and then to examine them, and little Noah especially enjoyed blowing the winged seeds away on the wind. Even more abundant than the seeds, though, was Noah’s energy. From our first moment on the trail, he was dashing, twisting, talking, and laughing. His cheeks grew red and his body was soon wet with perspiration as we made our way through the meadow. He was obviously in a boy’s paradise, and the joy he exhibited was a miracle to behold. His happiness was as plentiful as the seeds in the meadow and the energy in his body. He smiled almost constantly, and his squealing laughs came from the purest kind of gladness. Watching and listening to him, I felt fortunate to be part of this generous phenomenon called life.

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