Sunday, August 13, 2006

MEDITATION: Self-ishness

Over the years I have heard people say things like “take care of yourself”, or “you worry too much about yourself”, and this morning I’ve been thinking about exactly what is implied by that use of “self”. Basically, it suggests a belief in a materialistic view of reality – a view that sees a universe composed entirely of separate material entities, of which each person, or “self”, is one. According to that view of reality, it is imperative that each person watch carefully over him or her "self", so as to protect it and help it prosper. This leads to an anxious, tense, worrisome way of living, since you’re always on guard to save your “self” from harm.

I prefer to live an entirely different way, based on my belief that the universe is made up of a single spiritual force, of which all of us are integral parts. There’s no tension or struggle involved in this kind of life, because only one force (sometimes called God, Allah, etc.) exists. If only one power exists, there can be no discord -- only endless, undefeatable harmony.

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