Tuesday, August 08, 2006

JOURNAL: August 8, 2006

Yesterday I began my summer tutoring sessions. I met with students throughout the morning in the comfort of the air-conditioned library at school, and it was about as pleasant a teaching experience as I’ve ever had. The students I worked with are cordial, well-mannered, ambitious kids, so each session was smooth and productive. The students seemed a little sluggish at the start of each session (they are, after all, still in the middle of the indolent summer break), but before long we were hunkered down in some helpful English exercises.

After lunch, I drove up to Millbury, MA, to visit with Krissy, Luke, Kaylee, and young (8-week-old) Joshua Michael. He’s been a challenging baby for the parents, and I’ve tried to help out as much as possible. Yesterday I once again wrapped the little fellow in the sling and walked back and forth in the shady yard for over two hours as he slept peacefully at my side. As I walked, I read and listened (on my iPod) to Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale¸ and enjoyed it immensely. It’s an astonishingly powerful play, though perhaps a strange one to read as you’re holding your sleeping grandson in your arms on a lovely summer day.

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