Thursday, August 03, 2006

JOURNAL: August 3, 2006

The heat wave continues, but I’m surviving quite nicely. I actually had a wonderful night’s sleep last night, thanks to my window fan and a powerful little fan near my bed. Breezes were blowing across me all night long, just as if I was lying in a soothing, windswept forest. Yes, the breezes were very warm breezes, but they were refreshing and comforting, nonetheless. I also found refreshment and comfort during the day yesterday by spending a few hours at two pleasantly air-conditioned libraries – our town library just down the street, and our new library at school. Both places seemed like little oases in a New England desert. I read in perfect comfort, often looking around at the other cool and contented patrons. I felt grateful that I had places like these in which to escape the pitiless heat. Later, I went to the park to do some reading, but only occasionally did a breeze ruffle the pages of my book. The park was an airless, stifling place at that time, so I didn’t stay long. I soon packed up and walked home to my four trusty fans and a pitcher of ice water.

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