Wednesday, August 23, 2006

JOURNAL: August 23, 2006

Yesterday there was a feeling of efficiency in nearly everything that happened. At school, I sat quietly and comfortably with my tutorial students, and we accomplished quite a lot. Even though I hadn’t carefully planned any specific lessons (I find that I don’t need to when I’m tutoring), the sessions seemed to proceed in a well-organized fashion. The minutes passed quickly because we were absorbed in our work and getting much accomplished. Later, when I hiked up and down the steps at the park, I felt like a competent exerciser. I wasn’t Superman, but I did feel like a healthy and hearty sixty-four-year-old. I walked briskly and confidently, and felt wonderful afterwards as I strolled home to my apartment. Still later, I spent a resourceful hour or so in the park before dinner, quietly thinking through some ideas for this year’s teaching. A pleasant breeze was stirring the tree limbs, and some productive ideas were stirring in my mind. I wrote notes in my journal in an especially tidy script, loving the look of the thoughts as they were capably set down on the page.

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