Monday, August 21, 2006

JOURNAL: August 21, 2006

Yesterday I was fortunate to spend many happy hours with my two flourishing grandsons. First, I stopped in to see Noah, who just returned with his mom and dad from three weeks on the coast of Maine. When I went into the house, he was pretending to be napping on the couch, so I tip-toed over and placed my head beside and pretended to be asleep also. He smiled, took my hand, and we proceeded to have fun together (with Jaimie and Jess, too) for a short time before I had to leave to get up to Millbury on schedule to visit 10-week old Josh. There, Luke, Krissy, and I enjoyed a Subway lunch (with Luke holding Josh contentedly against him in the sling), before Krissy took off for an afternoon of freedom with some of her friends. Luke and I had the pleasure of caring for the little boy together, then, feeding him a bottle, rocking him, making ridiculous faces to try to entertain him. He got a little fussy, though, so Luke took over (Josh fell quickly asleep in the sling) and I went out and mowed their small lawn. It was a lovely day, and I had great fun working on the lawn. It’s been years since I did that kind of work, and it was a pleasure to see, once again, how nice a lawn looks after a good trimming. Afterwards, I gave Luke and young Josh a hug and drove back to Westerly, smiling all the way.

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