Sunday, August 20, 2006

JOURNAL: August 20, 2006

Yesterday, for the 40th consecutive year, I had the great pleasure of spending a day in my classroom preparing it for the upcoming year. Weather-wise, it was as perfect a day as I can recall. An enjoyable breeze was blowing in through the big screens, and I could see the sunshine flashing in the trees as I worked. As I went about my chores, I pictured other people out and about, enjoying the mild, spring-like air, but I was thrilled to be exactly where I was, wandering around this classroom that would be “home” for my students and me for the next nine months. I didn’t rush my work, which is what made it so pleasant. There’s no hurry. The students won’t be walking through my door for another two weeks, so I have plenty of time to allow everything to fall into place in the room. And actually, “allow” is a good word to use, because I had the distinct and wonderful feeling yesterday that “I” wasn’t doing anything. Somehow, ideas were occurring and actions were happening by themselves, with little interference from me. I guess the Great Spirit of education was present in my classroom, and all I did was listen and follow it around. I hope I can dutifully listen and follow it all the way to June.

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