Friday, August 18, 2006

JOURNAL: August 18, 2006

Yesterday’s weather was lovely – almost spring- or autumn-like, with a silver sky and a fresh breeze constantly blowing. I spent the morning at a student’s house, working on his writing skills as we sat in the sunny dining room looking out on a flower-filled yard. I could also see, through the shrubs, the bluish water of their swimming pool, the water swirling softly because of pumps. We accomplished a lot, partly, I think, because of the beautiful weather. In the afternoon, I enjoyed the day by loading my backpack with 25 pound weights and hiking up and down the long hill beside my house five times. It was actually fairly warm by that time, and I was hot and wet with perspiration before long. I persisted, however, and felt better and better as I climbed the hill again and again. Afterwards, I relaxed in the shade in the park and read a chapter of Dickens, always a rewarding experience.

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