Monday, July 03, 2006

JOURNAL: written on July 1, 2006

Last night I walked down to the park before dinner to do a little reading. I sat on the hillside overlooking the pond and read a chapter from Dombey and Son and then a few pages from Wordsworth's The Prelude. I've been keeping good notes on both books, so I jotted down a few thoughts when I finished reading. Then I just sat for a while and enjoyed the lovely early evening. The air temperature seemed perfect, and a refreshing breeze was swirling among the trees. I especially enjoyed looking at the way the rich golden light made such beautiful shadows around the trees. I took a few pictures as I sat there. (See above.)

After my typical wonderful night's sleep, I awoke to a 5:00 am phone call from some friends, asking if I would join them for an early walk on the beach. We met at 6:00, walked for about an hour along the brightening morning shore, then sat with coffee along the cool main street of Watch Hill.

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