Monday, July 10, 2006

JOURNAL: July 10, 2006

Yesterday I spent some wonderful hours with my two oldest sons and their families. I first drove, very early, to Jaimie and Jessy’s house in the forest in Brooklyn, CT for their usual generous Sunday breakfast. Little Noah (almost 3) greeted me at the door by pointing down to the stone step and saying, “See the toad, Hammy!” Sure enough, a fat and obviously contented toad was squatting not two-feet away from us, peacefully passing the time. (See pictures.) I stepped inside quietly so as not to disturb the family’s friend, and we all enjoyed breakfast together in their lovely kitchen. Later, Noah and I did lots of exploring around the yard, and I finished my visit by reading five books to him as he sat on my lap out under the shade of the big trees. Jaimie and I then drove up to have lunch with Luke. We visited briefly with my youngest grandson, Josh, who is just five weeks old and growing beautifully, and then we drove over to the mall for a hearty lunch at TGI Fridays. It was great fun to sit with the two successful young fathers and talk things over. I felt showered with blessings and feelings of appreciation as I sat there eating my delicious chicken dumplings dipped in sweet sauce.

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