Tuesday, June 06, 2006

MEDITATION: "Open Doors"

I would like to start paying less attention to limitations and more attention to opportunities. It’s pretty clear to me that I am fairly preoccupied with the limitations of life during most of the course of a day. I see boundaries everywhere: there’s only so much love available, only so much wisdom; I can think only a certain number and certain kinds of thoughts; most importantly, my life is bounded by the outside of my skin. To me, everything often seems limited, held in, restricted, and constrained. This, of course, goes contrary to the teachings of the great spiritual masters, including Jesus. They saw reality in exactly the opposite way, as a totally unlimited sea of interconnected energies. They seemed to understand that limited, narrow views of life like mine were simply wrong – just as wrong as a math student would be if he started solving a complex problem by positing that 2+2 = 5. Today I want to try to focus on the possibilities in life instead of the impossibilities, on the open doors instead of the closed ones. I want to see the world the way it really is – as an infinite array of infinite paths to infinite experiences. Any boundaries that I experience are placed there only by my own thinking, and my own thinking can move them out of the way. Not only is life an open door; there isn’t even a door at all. All is openness, and it’s time I began enjoying it.

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