Thursday, June 22, 2006

JOURNAL: June 22, 2006

I spent a wonderful afternoon today with Jaimie, Jess, and Noah. Jaimie and I hauled sand back to his patio site, and then, when Noah awoke from his nap, we let him be the chief squirter while we refreshed ourselves under the hose. (See picture.) After we’d cooled off, Jaimie cooked up delicious hamburgers for all of us, and we had a happy dinner as evening came on.

* * * * *
This morning, down in the park, I noticed four interesting things within just a few seconds of each other. First, in studying a large holly bush, I saw a bee of some type rising and falling like a tiny helicopter mong the shiny leaves. In the next instant, I saw a much smaller insect – just a speck, a delicate translucent thing – swiftly passing across the front of the bush. Then, suddenly, I looked up and saw what seemed like an enormous gull soaring high above where I was standing and out across the pond. And finally, a few steps away from the holly bush, I looked down and saw hundreds of tiny ants bustling back and forth across the sidewalk, each one obviously engaged in a task of great importance.

All this happened in just a few quick seconds.

* * * * *
Last night, a band composed of five former students of mine performed downtown at a summer festival, and I walked over to say hello and enjoy the music. The first song I heard as I approached was The Band’s old classic, “The Weight”, which I have loved for many years -- so that told me something good would be happening in the next hour. I was very impressed by their performance. Their musical skill was obvious (I especially liked the solos when individuals would take off and show their special tricks), and they obviously enjoyed playing with each other. On a breezy and cheerful first evening of summer, listening to these boys who have grown up so quickly seemed like the utterly perfect thing to be doing.

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