Sunday, June 18, 2006

JOURNAL: June 18, 2006

Yesterday my family gathered up at Luke and Krissy’s house in Millbury, MA, to celebrate both Fathers’ Day and Krissy’s birthday – and also to officially welcome two-week old Joshua Michael Salsich into the family. It was a fairly cool and cloudy day, so we were able to sit out in their comfortable backyard most of the time. Jaimie grilled superb hamburgers and chicken breasts, and Jan provided delicious side dishes. A pleasant breeze blew among us as we ate and enjoyed each others’ company. Of course, the children were the centers of attention, as is only fitting. Tiny, perfect Josh was admired by one and all, especially Annie, who couldn’t seem to let go of him, (see pictures), and all of us did our best to let Kaylee (age 7) know that she was still at center stage in the family, even if she now shared it with her baby brother. It was a grand party, one that made me grateful, more than ever, for my good fortune. To be part of such a splendid family is something hundreds of millions of people around the world yearn for. For some wonderful but unknown reason, the universe gave me these marvelous people to share my life with, and yesterday I felt especially thankful.

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