Monday, June 12, 2006

JOURNAL: June 12, 2006

Yesterday I drove up on a sunny and cool morning to have breakfast with Jaimie, Jess, and young Noah. We enjoyed a wonderful French toast feast, made with Jaimie and Noah's special home-made bread. (Noah said, "I punched it, Hammy!") I was happy to be there in the pleasant kitchen once again, sipping hot coffee and enjoying the company of this happy family. Noah and I sat side by side, delighting in the syrup-soaked toast and chatting in an amiable manner. At one point, he proudly showed me a sticker on his shirt, which he said he earned because "I pooped and peed in the toilet". After breakfast, he and I stretched out on the floor in the "studio" (actually Noah's play room) and played with a small farm set. There was a plastic barn with lots of animals, and there was even a brown "mud hole" where Noah loved to bring the animals (and even the farmer). We idled away about forty minutes inventing things for these tiny animals and people to do on their tiny farm. Next, we went outside with Jaimie to explore the yard and see what the morning had brought. At one point, we went down in back of the house and ran around in the wet grass, laughing and jumping and hugging. (See picture.) Also, Noah showed me some of the different flowers here and there, proudly informing me of their names and when they started to grow. Around 9:30 I said my goodbyes with hugs for all, and drove back down the sunny roads with a fairly big smile on my face.

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