Tuesday, May 23, 2006

MEDITATION: "A Great Truth"

I feel, this morning, that it’s time to return to one of the greatest truths I know – that all the evil in the universe, in whatever guise it presents itself, is created by, and exists in, our minds. Evil does not reside in things but in thoughts. No person, event, or experience is evil, but a thought, or belief, can make it seem evil. If I examine my experiences carefully, I’ll see that this is true. I’ll see that my own thinking has created all the evil-ness I’ve ever seen or ever will see. This is an astonishing fact to contemplate. It literally transforms reality for me – changes the universe from a place of things to a place of thoughts. It wakes me up to the fact that I’m living in a world that is totally powered by thinking – a world that can convert evil into good as fast as a thought can be formed. This alters everything. I see, from this truth, that every person, event, and experience is utterly perfect, flawless, and complete – but only as long as I see it that way. It’s the thinking that counts. Prince Hamlet was much more right than he realized when he said that “nothing is neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so.”

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